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On an unconventional decision

No more than a month ago, I made the decision to finally leave my job. It was a decision I’d been thinking about for a long time– months, actually. I pretty much made the decision on the fly. Sick at home in New Jersey with strep throat, and stressed out beyond belief at the impending end of the semester / approaching final exams, the last thing I needed for my mental and physical health was to be stressed out at a job I no longer cared about. So I promptly put my two weeks in. Yes, there were many other (somewhat more serious) reasons that factored in, but ultimately, it was a simple decision.

I had one of the hardest semesters of my life. Honestly, my whole college experience has been extremely difficult, for one reason or another (which I will not delve into here). The one thing I needed was a break. I needed it for my sanity. So I took it.

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