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On dry needling and accupuncture

Remember how I kept complaining about my leg and talking about this mysterious “IT band?” Well, it’s real. And I was diagnosed with ITBS, better known as IT band syndrome, which is a mythical disease. Doctors literally characterize it as pain localized to the IT band, or inflammation, or overuse. Which sounds very broad, if you ask me. But whatever, I’m not the doctor, I don’t have an M.D., so here is where I will resort back to my happy and convenient use of scholarly peer-reviewed research.

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On some detective work

IT band stands for Iliotibial band. Aka, the super annoying thing that’s been causing me a lot of pain lately, and preventing me from squatting or doing any kind of leg lift. Yeah. It’s that bad. I went to the gym on Tuesday to try to finally get a lift in, and not only was I nearly crying in pain after about 5 minutes, I had to sit down for the rest of my time there and walking afterward was pretty painful. If this has happened to you before, then you know how much it sucks.

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