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On cankles… and squatting

I’m not gonna name any names, but growing up I was always told I had cankles (my mom was pretty instrumental in teaching me the value of honesty; in hindsight, this was great because I was always able to identify any shortcomings I had. This meant I always had a clear vision of what to improve upon. So thanks, mom!). Cankles are slang for your calves and ankle joined as one– the term joins the two words “ankle” and “calf” just as the two parts of the body are seamless. Basically, this “condition” is characterized by a general lack of definition in the area.

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On an easy way to injure your rotator cuff

Okay, I have a lot of pet peeves that come into play whilst going to the gym. Curling in the squat rack, screaming or grunting loudly and continuously, and unwarranted advice are a few of them, but there’s one major one that really pisses me off… mostly just because people don’t even know about it: behind the neck shoulder exercises. So many “fit” people swear by these. I’ve even seen personal trainers teach their clients a behind the head military press, even though it’s known to be an extremely easy way to injure your shoulder.

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