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On shrimp scampi

I got so much great feedback from my last recipe that I had to do it for you guys again. Here are the directions for my highly-requested and self-proclaimed-award-winning shrimp scampi!

Read on if you’d like, but beware. For one serving of this dish, the macros are as follows: 49g protein/10g fat/48g carb.  Continue reading


On balsamic chicken and veggies

I’m super proud of this recipe, guys. Like, extremely impressed with myself. I came up with this on my own (I believe good cooking comes from the soul, and only a special kind of person can throw something good together on the spot). I had this for dinner and it was amazing. It tasted super rich, like I was eating a cheat meal, but in reality? The macros are AMAZING and extremely friendly to those who are dieting: 7.3g fat/42.5g carb/67g protein.

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