On people and cell phones

Something very interesting happens when you hit what feels like a low.

Things begin to materialize and manifest.

I was at work a week or two ago, in one of the nicest malls in Washington, D.C., when my iPhone was stolen. Now, understandably, this is a valuable piece of technology. A brand new iPhone 7? Who wouldn’t want one?

Which is exactly why it didn’t really leave my sight. When I’m at work, my boss likes to text me and ask how things are going, and likes when I send him pictures of the demo set-up, etc etc. So I figured I’d keep it near me just in case he, or anyone else, needed to contact me.

Stupid me. I turned my back for two seconds (that’s an exaggeration. It was actually less than a minute) to answer a customer’s question about a supplement. I turned back to check on my phone, and it was gone.

Panic ensued. Where did I put my phone? Did one of my coworkers take it as a joke? What happened to the price list I had sitting there? Everything was missing. After looking around for five minutes, and asking my coworkers if they’d moved my phone out of the way, I realized one of my customers must have taken my phone literally RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE.

So for the next few days, I’d been carrying around a clunky ZTE Android phone. It’s wasn’t so bad, and beggars can’t be choosers. But getting my phone stolen and adding this problem to the long list of situations I’m already dealing with was less than ideal. An iPhone 7 is around $700-$800. And my parents were then paying for a phone that was stolen, and I’d have to replace it…even though I couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t even get home from work without getting lost because I didn’t have a GPS. I cried to a man at the gas station in need of directions.

A lost phone typically doesn’t feel like a big deal. But problems snowball. I don’t exactly want to explain what else has been going on, but everyone’s dealing with something.

I’ve never had so many people reach out to me to show me that they were there for me and show me how much they care. And these people kind of came out of nowhere. I had a good friend from middle school try to overnight his old phone to me, just to ease a little bit of my stress and frustration. I had another friend from freshman year of college let me know that if I needed help paying for a new phone, he’d be there. And then of course, I was lucky to have my absolute best friend and love of my life helping me through everything, every step of the way.

So for anyone out there who feels alone, I promise you, you’re not. Even if you don’t see it, even if you feel all alone, you have a support system bigger than you can imagine. All I can say is that I’m insanely grateful for everything I

All I can say is that I’m insanely grateful for everything I have. Even if that no longer includes my iPhone 7.


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