On what’s in my gym bag

I get a lot of questions asking what supplements I take. But I’m gonna preface this post with the fact that supplements are a highly subjective topic. It’s like coffee- some people like it, some people don’t, and the people that do all like to take it differently. So take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. There’s no guarantee that the things I like are gonna be the things you like, or what works for me is gonna work for you.

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Here’s what’s in my bag:

  1. Performix- Ion pre-workout, tangerine flavor 
    • In a nutshell: I like this stuff because it works. I’m anemic, and I’m a very busy person (2 jobs, 19 credits, a sorority, yoga, jiu-jitsu, and lifting). So I need an extra boost of energy before I hit the gym (honestly, if I don’t get that, I’m not gonna go, cause then there’s a large chance I might pass out in the middle of a set just from being so tired). What’s even better is that this pre-workout works on a time-release system– I don’t feel a crash after my workout, and it keeps me sustained for longer lifting sessions of about an hour or an hour and a half. Not to mention this stuff tastes good. It tastes like a mix between orange soda and orange juice, which is amazing. I’ve always been a fan of those flavors.
  2. Performix Iridium Native Iso Whey^i + Whey Protein, cinnamon toast crisp flavor
    • No joke, this stuff tastes like the cinnamon toast crunch cereal, especially when you mix it with milk. IT’S SO GOOD and I’m obsessed. I take this around 10 minutes after I finish working out to give my muscles some food. Again, just like other Performix products, the whey works on a time-release system, to give your body a better chance at absorbing more of the supplement. Not to mention this whey is produced in a clean, low-temperature extraction process, meaning that more protein is preserved (proteins denature in the presence of higher temperatures and pH), so you’re getting the most for what you’re paying for.
    • Also, make sure you shake this well. Because sometimes it can clump together if you don’t shake it immediately, or if you let it sit for too long!
  3. Optimum Nutrition 2:2:2:2 Amino Tabs
    • The first thing I’m gonna say is that these pills are huge. Actually, though. They’re bigger than the size of a quarter, and if you can’t take pills, don’t bother investing in these. You could probably chew them or chop them into small pieces, but I haven’t tried. Anyway, I take these because not only do they function as a BCAA supplement, but they also have whey in them. I take these when I take my whey (after I workout), and I’ve noticed a difference in recovery time and soreness. Not to mention, I really think these helped my skin clear up. I’ve always been a fan of Optimum Nutrition’s protein/BCAA products.
  4. Performix TCP capsules
    • I take these when I wake up every morning. Again, they work on a time-release system. They automatically wake me up and make me more awake and focused.
    • See my review on these here.
  5. Performix ISO 9:2:2 V2X , blackberry lemonade flavor
    • I use this rather than the amino tabs on days where I work out earlier or need a little more energy. It has a little caffeine boost so it’s good for when I sit at my desk at work or school and need something to sip on. I can add one scoop in a full blender bottle and refill with water 1-1.5 times, and it still tastes delicious. These also help with recovery time and soreness, and have a huge impact on rehydrating the body. And, again, work on a time release system (which I am clearly a fan of).
  6. The usuals: headphones, wrist tape, water bottle and shaker bottle
    • I think these speak for themselves.

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