On fitness, Instagram, and fake butts

So, someone’s gotta be the one to say it: what is it with Instagram’s fitness ladies? I’m sorry, but half of them use fitness as an excuse to post what should really be considered soft porn. I’m definitely not saying it’s every fit chick out there. I can actually think of more than a handful that I like off of the top of my head! But as for the others…in all likelihood, half of their asses are fake. I’d put money on it. And if not their asses, then their tits. Is anyone even natural anymore?

I’m not a hater. I can appreciate a good looking female. And I’m not here to say these women aren’t beautiful. They absolutely are! Like shit, sometimes I wish I looked that good. Kudos to them for that. But I don’t believe that they should be parading around as fitness gurus. Especially because in the videos they post, they’re using 20lb barbells for squats and in others, you can literally see their ass implants poking out the side of their cheeks. Weird.

What mainly bothers me about this is that they inspire other, real women to become fit. And it’s great to be inspired! But it’s difficult when your motivation is unrealistic. These women have HUGE followings– millions upon millions people subscribe to their posts. They’ll credit their outrageous bodies to “at home, easy, 10 min workouts” and fucking “fit” tea. Whatever that even is. Some even claim that their fake asses were built via squatting, when that is so clearly untrue. And thousands of ladies aspire to look like these women who have altered their bodies with plastic surgery, and assume that if they keep doing what these girls instruct them to, one day they’ll look the same way. These fitness models make millions each year on an industry that convinces people that they need to follow what these girls do, whether it’s by buying a “booty guide” or by buying useless supplements.  What so many fail to realize is that you can’t build a big ass without big legs, too. And you can’t drink a cleansing tea and magically lose 20 lbs. These women make millions of dollars off of fake supplements and promoting cleansing/purifying teas. It’s a scam. It’s fake. And it’s unfair.

C’mon, guys. It’s a hard world out there. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. What the fuck happened to helping other people out? Be a champion for other people, support, each other, and be strong. All these fake-ass people (no pun intended) are turning the fitness industry into an every-man-for-himself kind of thing. And it stinks. Don’t you wanna see other people succeed? Share REAL tips, and real advice! If you have implants, that’s cool… but own it! Being realistic about what you can achieve naturally vs. what has been altered via surgery would portray a much different vibe– and many of your followers, myself included, would applaud you for that.

Here’s some chicks on Instagram I really dig:

  • @KatieAnne100
  • @bodmonzaid
  • @casssmartin
  • @amandalatona
  • @miss_olsen87

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