On an unconventional decision

No more than a month ago, I made the decision to finally leave my job. It was a decision I’d been thinking about for a long time– months, actually. I pretty much made the decision on the fly. Sick at home in New Jersey with strep throat, and stressed out beyond belief at the impending end of the semester / approaching final exams, the last thing I needed for my mental and physical health was to be stressed out at a job I no longer cared about. So I promptly put my two weeks in. Yes, there were many other (somewhat more serious) reasons that factored in, but ultimately, it was a simple decision.

I had one of the hardest semesters of my life. Honestly, my whole college experience has been extremely difficult, for one reason or another (which I will not delve into here). The one thing I needed was a break. I needed it for my sanity. So I took it.

I’m not telling you to quit your job on the spot. I just believe in making the best decision possible with everything available to you. I never wanted to be the person who goes through the typical everyday grind that I was experiencing. I didn’t want to wake up, eat, lift, go to school, go to work, come home, do homework, sleep, and do it all again the next day. I was sick of it. I would catch shit whenever I went home to see my family because I was so exhausted that I’d either sleep the entire time, or I was so run down that I’d wind up getting sick. And then I’d catch shit at work for not being on my A-game because school was draining me dry. Fuck that.

I could not have made a better decision. I have finally taken the time I so desperately needed to focus on myself. For the first time in years, I took up painting again as a hobby. I took up reading again! I learned about things I wanted to learn about, including metaphysics, psychology, and even math. I’ve listened to every TED talk on my list and then some. I’ve learned to love the gym again (I hit a plateau and was in a rut where I  dreaded lifting and exercise) and I’ve even become more serious with training and added in yoga. I couldn’t feel better.

I’ve got a type-A personality. I’m obsessive and organized and I live my life in a goal-oriented fashion. So, I have goals…many, actually. One was to get a fitness sponsorship from a company I’d admired since I started my fitness journey. Another was to do what I love for work, but I didn’t think that day would come for me for a long time. I was used to being a server and taking odd jobs for money. I left a job that was mentally and physically draining. I accepted a new one in two fields I am deeply passionate about, fitness and health. On Monday, I’ll finalize these offers, and I’ll officially be representing two companies that I believed in and raved about before I even imagined this kind of opportunity.

Good things don’t come to those who wait. So fuck waiting. I’m gonna go out there and get it.


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